Saturday, January 30, 2010

'The cloud story' kit
by Shayarka Designs

Such beautiful, dreamy kit!!

And here my Layout's to this stunning kit:

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and hope to see you soon, with more fantastic new kits!


Studio Soval "Natural Life"

Studio Soval
"Natural Life"

Such beautiful Kit, wonderful color, soft and
such gorgeous elements and background papers.

New in Store at Scrapbookgraphics

And here my Layout "my best part"

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with more fantastic new kits


Cali Designs KIT FREEBIE

YEAH, Cali Designs got a whole (mini) Kit for you all as FREEBIE!!

Photo by Jason Lee

Available here: Digital Scrapbook Art

Get it quick!!

It's such a fantastic fresh kit!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Shayarka Designs "Lullaby Dream"

Yeah, I am Guest CT for Shayarka Designs.
And started with such Stunning Kit

"Lullaby Dream"

Who wouldn't have nice dreams with it? :)

Available at:

And here my Layouts

Yeah, my Layout made it into the GSO again !!!

Thank you so much Billa !!! You totally made my DAY ;)

Photo's by me


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Monday, January 25, 2010

Fabulous Day by Thaliris Designs

What for another FANtastic kit.
Fabulous Day by Thaliris !
Available at Digital-Crea

And here my Layout: Wonderufl Memory

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Song of Love by Soval and Chouk77

Song of Love by Soval and Chouk77
Beautiful gentle kit

Available at Scrapbookgraphics
Here my Layout to this beautiful kit
Photo by Jason Lee

Studio Soval "In the light of Day"

Studio Soval "In the light of Day"
Available now at Scrapbookgraphics

Photo by DeviantART
This Layout made it as well into
GemmaC you made my Day !!!
Thank you so much, this is for me the best compliment!!!

See you soon with more fantastic new kits and Layouts,
Big hugs, Ramona

Marta Designs "Vanilla Love"

Marta Designs "Vanilla Love"
In store now!
Available at Digital Crea

Photo by Jason Lee

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Marta Designs "My Kitchen"

Marta Designs "My Kitchen"
Scrapbird and sunflowerscrap

Such an cute and funny kit :)

In my Kitchen

Saturday, January 23, 2010

NEW KIT Joelle Designs "Little Artist" and Freebie

Joelle' Designs "little Artist"

What for an FANtastic kit, once more Joelle, Fantastic !!!

available at Scrappity-Doo-Dah

And yes, for all of you who are waiting
for another QP-Freebie from me,
there will be a FREEBIE QP from me,
keep on reading :)

Photo by Jason Lee

So, and here my Layout which it into the hard to get

Thank you so so so much once again
it made me sooooo happy!!!

Little Artist II

And for all of you, here your little Artist Pragbook Page :)

And nothing other then the Layout which made it into the GSO !!

Please don't forget
take a little time and leave a little feedback
before you download :)

Here the link to my Freebie for you all

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Marta Designs "Delicate"

Marta Designs "Delicate"
Fantastic-magical kit.
Just love it!!!

Available at SunflowerScrap

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Friday, January 22, 2010

Faba Designs

Faba Designs "First Day of my Life"
Such beautiful gentle kit
Available at Angels-Scrap-Shop

and here my Layout

Photo by Anna Grabowska


FlyPixelStudio with her brand new Kit
"Sweet Home"
Available now at Pickelberrypop

And here my Layouts

Photo by Jason Lee

Photo by Jason Lee

Studio Soval

And another fantastic Kit by
Studio Soval "belle demoiselle"
available at Scrapbookgraphics

Photo by Jason Lee

Lara's Digiworld New Year Dream

Lara's Digiworld New Year Dream
Beautiful kit and I so love the colors!!

Photo by Jason Lee

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Marta Designs "My World"

NEW in Store today: Marta Designs "My Time"
Such Beautiful kit. Love the soft colors....

Available at Digital-Crea

My Time

Photo by Jason Lee


татьяна Yshko... at yshko blog

Thank you so much, I'm so flattered to receive your BLOG AWARD!!!
Big HUGS and KISSES to you! I was so happy to receive it from you !

The rules of this Award: Put the name and link of who
gave you this award on your blog. Then pass it on to 5
blogs which you think are amazing!

Lily at LilyDesign
Joelle' at
Joelle' Designs
Jeannette at
Wendy at
two magical wonders
swathe at
my Creative Corner
Congratulations ladies !!!

Thank you again yshko,

I recieved a wonderful news today from Erika (laras digiworld),
informing me I have been accepted onto her wonderful CT,
Thank you so much Erika, looking forwards to it!

Thank you, you all make beautiful Bloggers and it is a joy to stop by.
But there are also so many others out there who also have fantastic's blog's :)
Big hugs and kisses to all of you wonderful creative people,

Monday, January 18, 2010

Symphonie Designs "Lost Garden"

Symphonie Designs
"Lost Garden"

WA by Dypek
Photo by Widjita

Photo by Jason Lee

Studio Soval " A as Autumn"

Studio Soval "A as Autumn"
Available at

Photo by Jason Lee

MEGAKIT Sweet Lullaby by Joey, Chouk77 and Soval.

"Sweet Lullaby"
by Joey, Chouk77 and Soval.

Available at:

Sweet Lullaby

Photo by Amanda's Photography

Mamrotka Love is Sweet

Mamrotka "Love is Sweet"
available at ScrapBird

ON SALE NOW 35% off reg. price!!

Photo by TimelessImges

Joelle' Designs "Mystical Journey"

Mystical Journey By Joelle' Designs

available at

Mystical Spirit