Saturday, December 6, 2008


First things first, Credit to create this wonderful LO: Jofia with her wonderful kit Wintersong.

I love Christmas, especially the Spirit of Christmas.
The christmas choirs, the christmas lights and all the happy thoughts!
I Love to see the spark in my children eyes, when they going to look for there presents.
We usually don't get them many, just two or three, I want them to grow up not to be too spoiled and try to teach them to appreciate what they have, since many in the world don't even have enough food.

I remember my mom never had much money, but she always had some presents under the Christmas tree for us and I just loved the moment to unwrap them.

My parents did it really great with the Santa Claus, I believed long time in him, and still does it from time to time.

I hope you all take some time for yourself and don't get to stressed about Christmas, then the most important thing is you going to spend it with your love once, I hope.

Merry Christmas XXX

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heather said...

What a wonderful festive layout.
I could not find a chatbox or anything to leave you a message in. I've added you to my blog as places I like to visit.
Have a wonderful Christmas