Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

(Credit: Valentine's Day by marcela232)

Happy Valentine's Day !

I hope you aren't stressed about Valentine's Day and there commercial pressure's.

I usually use it for a day to remember... remember how Hubby and I meet, all the things we have gone through
how much I still do love my Husband.

It is not about what you get for Valentine's Day from your partner,
... It is about what you already have.

Don't be disappointed about a gift you haven't received, try to see all the positives in your partner, all the little things he does every day for you.

They are men and most of them just don't know it better, but there heart is on the right spot!

I hope you all have a wonderful lovely Valentine's Day and that you do have someone special in your life you will share that special day with.

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