Friday, March 6, 2009

After Rain comes the Sun

Don't you love that, to know that after the Rain the sun will shine again?

We had such a wonderful day yesterday and the girls had so much fun, I love to see them happy and love to hear them laugh. This is the most wonderful sounds in a mother's ears ;)

We went to the park and they had a wonderful Playground, I just love going there. The girls could play there all day long, they didn't wanted to leave...

The Weather was so nice, we just have been blessed, considering that it did cloud over for a bit and worried me a bit when it started to rain a little, but once we where at the park, it was dry and sunny, couldn't even tell it did shower for a bit ;)

And the Easter flowers starting now to bloom everywhere, how pretty they are....
Oh yeah, it's definitely calling for spring ;)

Thank you Hubby for your wonderful idea's and thank you for being such wonderful Husband!

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