Saturday, May 16, 2009

Trip to Europe

I am back ;)

and we had such a wonderful time in Europe.

We visit my family in Germany
and went then on a short trip to
Algarve, Portugal, which was really really nice.
I love there beaches and food ;)

We had this year in Hamburg, Germany the warmest April since 120 years.
What for a timing, since I just love the warm weather.
We had only two days of rain and all the other days where over 20 degree warm.
What a dream weather for April!

My girls had a fantastic time with my family. They couldn't get enough of each single on of them.
Didn't even notice when I am not around, which is a great thing, since they stick to me like crazy glue lol

So, now I am working on my 4000 pictures I have taken on our trip and hope that I will have catch up with all my work soon, so I can work on new LO.

Glad to see it's finally getting warmer here in Canada too. First two day's we where back, was still very cold. Now the sun is out and hopefully the temperatures getting warmer as well, so we won't need to turn on the heater at night anymore ;)

You all have a wonderful sunny and warm weekend.


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