Monday, May 24, 2010


Shayarka need some CT / Guests CT for the summer.

Shayarka Designs creates original and unique hand-painted kits with some extracted parts. All kits are WITHOUT any kinds of CU items made by other designers. It means no CU elements, tempates, papers, overlays and so on, no stock photos and so on, no other products made by other people. All the pictures are painted by Shayarka herself by hand on paper and then in PS, all the photos made by Shayarka as well.

So you must be sure that you will never wind the same elements in other designer's kits.
If you like her design - She is waiting for your mail!

* 1-2 LOs per each new summer kit;
* post to DST, SunflowerScrap, Pickleberrypop;
* promote her design;
* have fun!

Mail to:

with topic 'CT call' or 'Guest call',

with your name,

link to your DST gallery,

to your blog (if you have one)

and other CTs you are in.

Thanks for stopping by and for your interest!

Have a wonderful day!

Call ends 31.05

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