Thursday, December 9, 2010

Hello Everyone...

Hello Everyone,

I am still alive ;) Have been very busy studying Photography, meeting with Photographers on a regulare basis now and joined there Club as well.

Beside life has been incredible busy for me. Learning everything about Photography, working and having the girls, doesn't leave me with much time.
Also I had/have a very bad flu. The cough just doesn't want to go away.

Anyway, I have great news for all the photographers under us (I know there are quit a few ;)

It’s a giveaway!!! The Gary Fong Lightsphere Collapsible & Puffer!
(by no other then "moms with cameras" and Gary Fong)

And here the info:

The makers of the Gary Fong Lightsphere Collapsible and the Gary Fong Puffer Pop-Up Flash Diffuser were so kind to send me a couple of their products to give one lucky reader! I used a Lightsphere back in the day when I was photographing weddings so I could have soft, lightweight and easily portable light either on camera or on a lightstand. You simply attach it to your external flash and you’re good to go! It’s awesome because you don’t have to worry about how to bounce the light off of high ceilings and funky-colored walls and you can create a great-quality light from whatever direction you choose. Now, it’s even better because it collapses down to easily fit in your bag. The Puffer is the little brother of the Lightsphere and can do a similar job for your snapshots using your pop-up flash.

What can you do to win this delightful duo?

What can you do to win this delightful duo?

1. Like Moms With Cameras and Gary Fong on facebook and post is giving away a Gary Fong Lightsphere Collapsible and Puffer Pop-Up Flash Diffuser!

2. Follow @momswithcameras on twitter and tweet @momswithcameras is giving away a Gary Fong Lightsphere Collapsible and Puffer Pop-Up Flash Diffuser at!

3. Post about the contest in any forum (following their rules, of course!), on a blog, etc.

3. Leave a comment in the comments section of this post for every place you facebooked, tweeted or posted about the contest . . . up to a total of 5 times.

4. Want a bonus point? Send me your very, very best photo to be used on the blog. (To do that, send a 5×7 at 90dpi JPEG watermarked with your logo. Please make the watermark small enough that we can actually see the image. **Legal notice: You MUST have a model release for this image. Do not send me any images that you do not have express written permission from those in the image to post online. These releases must be signed by the subject who is 18 years or older or by their parent/legal guardian. Sending me an image means that you recognize that you are wholly responsible for any legal action or liability that may come from posting this image online and that Emily Potts and any affiliates of Moms With Cameras are not to be held responsible in any way should you send an image that does not have a model release.** Send the image to and we may use it here on MWC! (I kinda want to see some images that aren’t my own!) You can then come back here and leave one extra comment.

The winner will be announced on Monday the 13th! Good luck everyone!!!

And here is the link to the original post by "moms with cameras"

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