Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween !

For everyone who don't celebrate Halloween, I hope you had a great 31st of October!
Where I come from, we didn't had Halloween, we had Fashing (Carnival) and that was great, I loved it.

Ther weather was just beautiful today. Sunshine all day long, by mild temperatures until about 5 PM.

For everyone who does celebrate Halloween, I hope you had a great one with a lot of fun and a lot of treats :)

I sure know my girls had a spooktacular Halloween.
We went early Trick or Treating today, since it always gets so cold, once the sun goes down. So we started this Year shortly before 5 PM. Great choice, I can just recommend this. And it was great, especially since everyone could enjoy the girls outfit's so much better when it's still bright outside.

Afterwards we went to see the Fireworks, luckily they started earlier too this year, at around 8 PM.
It was perfect, found a little Gazebo on the Water, protected from the cold wind and had such great Halloween music in the background from the little coffee shop behind the Gazebo. The girls just loved it, and I loved watching them. There little "big" eyes glowing to the Fireworks, they where so so happy,
that was a real mothers joy :)

Happy Halloween to you all !"

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Angeljet said...

Here in the centre of the Netherlands we don't celebrate Halloween, but our DD turned 15 on October 31st so we still had a party!
I love the costumes of your daughters and they are so pretty!