Saturday, October 31, 2009

Wonderful things happen everyday

Bad things happend all the time, everywhere, to everyone, unexpected.
But also wonderful good things happen everyday to everyone, we just don't notice as much as we should.

So, open your eyes and you will see all the beautiful things surrounding you.

A wonderful Husband, who stands to you. Your wonderful kids, who keep on surprising you with smartness, happiness and there Beauty.

You will see, that the sun will come out after a rainy day or your plant you thought is death surprising you with some tiny green leafs in the moment you where jsut about to throw it out.

Or just a old good friend who keeps on thinking of you, when you least expect it.

Another wonderful thing happend to me, unexpected in a time I really needed something wonderful like this, I got raked by
Maelia Design with her FANTASTIC Kit "Just e un peude douceur"
(Just a little sweetness).

Available here

And here my Thank You Layout for Maelia!!

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