Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Fantastic News -Freebie-

I work as CT Team Member for Lizard Dau Designs
and created with her wonderful Kits some Quickpages for your bragbooks ;)

Well here are the links for you to get your hands on those wonderful QP.


Liz said...

wow sweetheart they look absolutely fabulous don't ya think...did you read the tou in the file???...i did credit you with your design name and all..soo professional that one with your little one painting...perfect for white them...thanks sooo much...cheers liz

Deb said...

Beautiful qp's Ramona, thanks so much! :)

Art Within Designs said...

Your blog looks great Ramona! Lovely job on your qp's. Thanks so much for sharing. Congratulations on joining a CT.