Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Fun Day at my Cousin

Omg, we had such wonderful Day today, I just had to tell...

We went to my cousin, who we actually don't see to often, even though she doesn't life too far.
Anyway, my girls had such wonderful lovely fun day.

They made fresh self-made pizza, played dress-up, drawing, played puzzle, played with balloon's or even with mommy's shoes...
Today was all about being just silly and having fun ;)

We haven't had so much fun in such long time...
Both girls have been so powered out, that they where sleeping on the way home, and this tells me what lovely fun day they had. (my girls are real energy bundles).

Thank you Shannon and Hoke, we had again a super wonderful time with you.

So, here one LO of my girls making and eating the Home made Pizza !
(Credit for this LO: Lily Design with her free kit "Sweet") which I think fit just perfectly lol

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